Sunday, January 3, 2010


When Timbo and Kura were alive they opened so many doors for me, brought so many interesting people into my life; people I probably would not have met if I wasn't "the guy with the elephants" (but I was). And now that they are gone, the doors are still opening. Interesting people are still coming, but now they come seeking knowledge. I guess when you spend thirty years with two elephants, you learn a few things.

I love sharing the things my elephants taught me.


  1. Loved seeing your story on Animal planet a while back. I'd like to get into Biology and eventually work with animals to help improve life for them in some capacity, and also bring awareness to people so they appreciate wildlife more. Thanks for being inspiring.--Krista in Raleigh,NC

  2. Elephant medicine is a powerful one! Thank you for sharing your gift!