Saturday, April 25, 2009

Planning for Africa

I am working hard putting this Africa trip together. Working every day on just trying to figure out where to go that has the most elephants, the most interesting people, most interesting natives. I am definitely looking at Zimbabwe, which has an enormous amount of elephants, and I can get my feet on the ground there. Kenya brings me to a couple of elephant orphanages, two elephant researchers, and most important: the Masai warriors. Those are my choices. As you all know, things can change!

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  1. Chris, please, please do not go to Zimbabwe. TGhe figures the government publishes on animal populations, including elepants is false. We were going to go to Hwange National Park in October but have decided to go elsewhere because of the poaching. Kenya, Zambia or Botswana are a better bet. Even Etosha National park in Nambibia. I will email Christine Link with information links as I do not ant to take up too much space here.